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The studio within the Shelter for the Homeless People with Disability of the Pokrov Community of the Sisters of Mercy started working in 2009. Here people do not usually stay for long, they get to the shelter from the streets and wait till their documents are properly arranged for they could move to asylums and care houses of St. Petersburg. This period can last from a couple of months to 2 years. People are working right on their sleeping beds mostly with dry graphic materials. A number of artists from the shelter have now moved to the different institutions of St. Petersburg.

The studio took part in more than ten exhibitions. The Studio is curated by the artist Olga Konysheva.


Olga Konysheva
head of the studio
Our shelter for the homeless disabled people of "Pokrov Community of the Sisters of Mercy" is a little apartment for 8 people. We have two rooms with 5 places for men and 3 for women.

We are working mostly with dry graphic materials because we do not have special working places and the people are drawing on their bed.

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People stay in our shelter from one month up to 4 years, but mostly it is 1-1,5 years. Usually there are 4 or 5 people in the drawing session. This strongly depends on the physical and emotional condition of the people and their age. Sometimes there is a team, when all the 8 inhabitants are drawing. This is a joy, because they can switch from their obsessive thoughts and illnesses. So, we have a constant rotation in our collective.

Our main rule is to work with everyone who can, because it is also a therapy.

I came to work here in the shelter's "studio" in 2011 after a friends invitation (she had been working here before me). I used to work in Perspektivy Art Studio. It was so interesting for me! I had insights and discoveries all the time.

Now I have more time for myself and develop my own art, have more exhibitions and I have recently joined the Union of Artists of Russia. I am working individually with a girl with special needs and in the creative workshops of Strannik Educational Center.



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