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Antonina Alekseyeva was born in 1939. There were 8 children in her family. After the World War II there were only two children and a mother left alive. The father died in the warfront. Antonina could study for only two classes in school and then had to start working. The mother gave Antonina to the school of ballet, but as her elder sister started to envy and make scenes every day the mother had to take her out from school. She completed the house painter courses and went to Leningrad to work. She got married, gave birth to a son, and the young family lived happily.
Antonina's son died hit by a car, and in several years in 1988 her husband also passed away.
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He worked in the cemetery and was killed by gangsters. Taking advantage of Antonina's lack of education and severe psychological state the brother of her husband pushed her out of her own apartment. The mother of Antonina was dead by that time so she could only come to her sister, Galina, who lived in Siverskaya village. Galina had great problems with alcohol. Antonina asked her sister to officially register her in the house, but Galina did not give serious attention to that requests. After her sister's death Antonina became homeless again.
She lived in her friend's house and then got to a hospital and could get a job of a cleaning woman with a possibility of living in a small room for two years. Then she watched over the graves in Alexandrovskoye Cemetery and served in the church there.

Antonina does not remember how she got into the Shelter for homeless People with Disability. This is a story of a cheerful woman of 75 years told by herself. She is always active, always busy with something.

The colors of her naïve art are bright and remind of the russian folk art. She draws mostly nature (trees, full of fruit, country houses, birds) in a simplified yet very personal and recognizable manner.


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