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The art of Yury Zelenko was discovered by the volunteers of the charitable organization "Dety Pavlovska" (Children of Pavlosk). They saw his pictures on the wall and they stroke their imagination so they decided to find the author.

The artist was pleased to see the interest and showed to his guests his locker where his works were kept for tens of years in the garbage bags.

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There are some remarkable series of works – the portraits including self-portraits, the images from TV screens (celebrities, politicians, moments of contemporary history), the nude images, professional portraits of medical staff, the religious subjects etc.

Minimal works of pure and bright color are executed with a strong pressure of the brush, which give them a rich and expressive texture.

Yury Zelenko's works were shown at his personal exhibition "The Humane Ones" (Borey Gallery, St. Petersburg, 2014) provided by Deti Pavlovska and VI Ural Industrial Biennale.
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