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at the 4th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art: the New Literacy

IV Ural Industrial Biennial took place in 2017 in Ekaterinburg, the capital of Ural region.
The art may seem to the most people an elitist sphere where only "the true artists" can breathe (which is more or less true). But there is another art on the borderlines of the mainstream culture, which is known as art brut or outsider art. This type of art is mostly ignored by the big art institutions even if the artworks of non-professionals can bring original and profound language which professional artists often lack.
The art of self-taught "outsiders" is gradually being included into the culture life of society. The publications appear, the museums and galleries start to support non-professional art. However, in Russia this art is almost completely excluded from the culture space at the moment. One can see it from time to time at the walls of museum's corridor or foyer labelled as "charitable project".

We want to make the spectator change the attitude to the art of self-taught artists and to the people who live in another social reality.

The new literacy implies social responsibility and the development of the personal point of view considering the problems of the closed institutions. The professional art community possessing the new literacy is supposed to include the works of the excluded into the sphere of the art theory. Ignoring this art is cutting the new enriching influences, cutting the sources from the river.
There must no longer be the marginal art and mainstream, there is only one criterion – the alive and powerful art, which can tell more about its creator than he himself or his social status.
Shirota&Dolgota could also bring the artist Vitaly Koluzayev from St. Petersburg to the biennale's opening in Ekaterinburg, which is the capital of his region of birth – Ural. The visit was powered by Leonid Tsoy.
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