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He has been living in Psychoneurological Asylum for the most part of his life (since 1994). There is hardly anything else known of his biography. He is communicating by the simple gestures (not a conventional gesture language for the voiceless people) which can be understood. It is not clear if Aleksey can or cannot hear.

But he expresses himself through his artworks – graphic art, 3D objects (models of houses and furniture, assemblages) and photography.

He is drawing by himself in his room, often on any piece of paper he can get. This can be a package of tea or cookies, torn old books. he has a powerful series of graphic art made on the card-files of the diseased inhabitants of the asylum.
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Aleksey sometimes comes to Perspektivy Art Studio with a pack of drawings to exchange his artworks to new portion of art materials. Sometimes he stays in the studio for a drawing session.

There is a huge amount of Aleksey's works which depict houses in an empty and poor landscape. There is a great amount of fences and empty roads in his works. He also often portrays the interiors which can be easily recognized as a soviet state-owned institutions (such is an asylum itself) because of a closed and half-empty rooms, painted in gloomy colors and long corridors. There are sometimes people in strange poses or zoomorphic creatures, or people with animal heads.

Aleksey is drawing a geometric perspective rather precisely, which is surprising, because he never studied painting.
The artist also makes objects – house models and sometimes rather big dioramas of strange landscapes, gardens, sometimes also with some living zoomorphic creatures. The houses often have a carefully made interior with doors, which can be opened.

Aleksey was always interested in photography and when his friend Maksim Boykov gave him a chance to shoot the motives of his drawings appeared in his photos. One can see there the same long empty roads, gloomy corridors and bars on the windows. The world on these photos looks trivial and uncomfortable.

Aleksey's works are highly appreciated by professional art critics and collectors. His works are stored in private collections in several countries.


1. "Art for Cats"(collective) Perspektivy Art Studio / Manifesta 10, the Biennial of Contemporary Art. The State Hermitage Museum, St.Petersburg, 2014

2. "House" / Library of the Book Graphics, St. Petersburg, 2015

3. "House" (removed from the Library of the Book Graphics) / The Museum of Toy, St. Petersburg, 2015

4. "Warm House on Cold Ground" / Kaskad Culture Center, St. Petersburg, 2015

5. Shirota&Dolgota (Longitude and Latitude) (collective, Shirota&Dolgota) / 4th Ural Biennial of contemporary art, Ekaterinburg, 2017

6. Lamp Human He (collective with Yulia Kosulnikova) / Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg, 2018
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