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Yury Kozlov works as an independent artist in PNI 7 (Saint Petersburg). In his works you can often see the war images, such as tanks, foo-fighters, artillery, war uniforms, swastikas and soviet five-pointed stars. The drawings can often be covered by some unreadable text from the both sides, of which one can hardly guess some fragments of words. This text can be seen as a decorative element, a kind of a frame which enriches the image of the main subject or hero: the uniformed military men, buses, big-toothed people's faces, german nazi officers.
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The buses are an important element of Yury's art universe. He likes to tell his sister is a bus driver, sometimes he says he is a bus driver himself. Yury is a passionate draftsman, he can use any sheet of paper and any free minute to draw. His favorite materials are colored pencils, pens and felt-tips.

Yury is also a very charismatic person with colorful speech. He often uses strong mots and likes to invent aphorisms.


Yury Kozlov
I am interested in female artists. I used to be a stocker in Stary Petergof, a policeman, a doctor – in the 8th department [of Psychoneurological Asylum]

I was born in Smolensk, in Vasilyevsky [island] in the 4th line. House number 19, apartment 12, 2nd floor, between the elevators. My mother and father tought me. My mother is a chief cooker. She fed people – workers and peasants.

When you draw you have to reduce the paint less, for not letting it drop.

I want a book with the photo of Hitler. There was a woman in red and Hitler.

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