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Yulia Kosulnikova was born in 1995. She is working by herself as a self-taught artist in psychoneurological asylum in Volosovo (Leningrad region). She started drawing in the orphanage where her art was discovered by Lyalya Tarshina, who worked there as a volunteer.

As an artist Yulia Kosulnikova is deeply interested in the inner space of medical institutions, such as hospitals and psychoneurological asylum itself. She sometimes is inspired by the images from TV series about doctors and hospitals and medical literature – as well as her everyday environment in PNI.
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The long lines of patients, waiting for the doctor's attention, people in wheelchairs, hospital wards, operating rooms, air ionizers – all those are the things that Yulia has long been used too see. Yulia loves to draw on the carton and thick paper of notebook and album covers. As she had never worked or studied in any art studio she developed her individual drawing style all by herself.

Shirota&Dolgota presented Yulia's art at her personal exhibition "The Absence" (Semynovskaya Library, St. Petersburg, 2017) along with Aleksey Sakhnov works in "Lamp Human He" exhibition (Anna Akmatova Museum, 2018) and in the IV Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art.
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