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Vitaly Koluzayev has been working in Perspektivy Art Studio for many years from the moment it was established in 2001 by the charitable organization Perspektivy. His bright-colored laconic works are full of expression and often portray the very usual objects such as vegetables, fruit, dishes, boots and other everyday environment. There are also half-abstract landscapes executed in Vitaly's recognizable manner – the artist covers big paper pieces with a very thick layer of colored pencils made with a heavy pressure. The making of an artwork requires much will, patience and physical effort. To fulfill a single artwork usually takes about two months.

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Vitaly is also a poet. In 2013 with a support of the tutors working in the computer class of "Perspektivy" he published a compilation of poetry and drawings "The Seasons". His works had a great success on the exhibitions in Hamburg ("From Russia with Love", 2015, Die Schlumper Gallery), in State Hermitage Museum during the Biennial of Contemporary Art Manifesta 10 ("Art for Cats", 2014) in Ekaterinburg (4th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art, 2017) etc. During the Ural Biennial he fulfilled his dream to visit the Ural — the region where he was born. Several artworks of Vitaly are stored in the collection of the Museum of Everything (London).
Рыба, 2011
Горы, 2014
Груша, 2014
Свекла, 2011
Свекла, 2009
Ночное небо, 2012
Божественный пейзаж, 2013
Морковь, 2011
Город Пушкин, 2011
Лодка, 2014
Яблоко, 2012
Арбуз, 2013
Фудзияма, 2009
Морковь, 2013
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